Prize Pool: 50.00


Welcome to the Next Social Queen.

A contest based solely on a girl's online community standing.
Every girl on equal ground; every voter on equal ground.
A contest with a cap on votes earned every month.
No bought votes!!!

Featuring a cash prize based on a percentage of revenue generated from membership each month and shared by all of the monthly winners paid as outlined in the rules. The more voters we have, the higher the prize pool.

Membership for judges will cost $5 per month to be able to earn and cast votes. A second level, $9 per month, is available for those voters that want to double their potential votes earned. Earning votes is easy with many activities earning votes from viewing profiles and pictures to logging in each day. There will also be bonuses for reaching different levels of each activity.

If you're interested in joining our new little community as either a voter or a queen, just click above on the button to Join.